Sheep have a way of bringing the Torah into immediate clarity and relevance in a way no other creature can…

How can we truly connect with the Torah, written so many centuries ago? Are the experiences of ancient Israel even relevant in our busy lives?

Madeline Rosenberg, shepherdess of Ballyhoo Farm, brings a unique mix of traditional shepherding and Torah insight to Judeo-Christian groups. Designed to make Biblical principles accessible and applicable to modern-day living, her presentations are based around activities that encourage your congregation to gain a more intimate perspective of the Bible and their interpersonal relationships.

Madeline is happy to speak at your community center, synagogue, or church, and can present with or without hands-on sheep activities.* Printed materials will be provided well in advance.

*Sheep only travel within four hours of Shelbyville, Kentucky.

Standing Naked Before G-d

This interactive experience draws parallels between shearing a sheep and the meaning of the 23rd Psalm (The Lord is My Shepherd). Demonstrations bring to life G-d’s rod and staff, the paths of righteousness, and the reason we should all be confident saying, “I will fear no evil”.

The Binding of Isaac: A Ram Caught in a Thicket

Madeline brings a fresh and literal perspective to this difficult Biblical story. How do you free a ram from a thicket? What does the ram represent, literally and metaphorically? Are we the ram, or are we Abraham?

Shofar So Good

How does a ram’s horn become a shofar? What is the history and significance of this ancient instrument? Why does it inspire us today?


From humble shepherd to leader of men, Moses has been lauded as the greatest teacher of the Jewish people and a precursor to Jesus Christ. This interactive experience is suitable for both religious and secular groups as it focuses on the principles of leadership that Moses knew and that shepherds still employ today. Includes unique opportunities for attendees to interact with live sheep and learn from them, as well as from one another.

Jacob: There’s no Such Thing as Free Love

The most famous literal shepherd in the Bible, Jacob worked for his father in law for 14 years and built a woolly empire. Was Jacob a Master Shepherd? Were his plans directed by God, or did he benefit from dumb luck and genetics? Topics include man’s plans vs. God’s designs and fair business practices, both Biblical and modern day.

Ram’s Horns and Yarmulkes: Sacred Space

This interactive experience draws parallels between sheep behavior and our interpersonal conduct. The space between a ram’s horns is sacred to sheep; likewise, this is the space we cover with a yarmulke or philactory. Taking the concept one step further, we will explore what ‘sacred space’ means in our own lives, why we need it, and how it can be maintained. Concepts will be demonstrated using sheep and interactive worksheets.

Rachel the Shepherdess

Rachel is the only woman in the Bible listed as belonging to the profession of shepherding. Either as a talk or a dramatic interpretation, this experience celebrates Rachel as a woman, shepherdess, and mother of the Jewish people.


Building the Tabernacle

This interactive experience brings the building of the Tabernacle in the wilderness to life, using hands-on materials and demonstrations of some of the process. Your group will gain a more intimate perspective of what it took for the Israelites to complete such a massive project in the desert, and will gain new appreciation for their individual talents and the skills of those around them.

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