Let a modern shepherdess give you an experience you’ll never forget.


Daughters of the King

I was touched yesterday attending a small Bible Study where Madeline shared her experience as a shepherd in correlation with the 23rd Psalm. Her knowledge of the Bible combined with her knowledge of sheep awakened thoughts I never even knew I had. If you’re looking for a speaker, do request Madeline for an interesting and inspiring class.”
“I would like to compliment Madeline on her awesome presentation on Psalm23 and her knowledge as a shepherdess. We laughed, we cried, and learned from the knowledge she shared. I know Madeline has many talents and her ability to teach and share with others is one of them. Thanks for the time you took to educate us on all things sheep and on Psalm 23.”

Temple Shalom

“Articulate, funny, and passionate about what you care about. You’re very smart, but not condescending to those of us who aren’t. You make people smile.”

Fiber Events

“Direct and clear without being dry. You know how to make people laugh in the best way and you light up the room talking about the things you love.”

“I admire your ability to weave humor together with information to give the listener both knowledge and entertainment.”

About Madeline

Madeline Rosenberg grew up in McMinnville, Oregon, where she developed her potential in music, public speaking, and community theater. She studied piano performance and religious studies at Linfield College, later enhancing her education in music and sustainability at Indiana University. Working with religious choirs combined Madeline’s love for music and Torah with her talent for combining information and inspiration in a group setting.

Today, Madeline cares for her flock of wool sheep, serves her fellow producers, and hosts the Ovinology podcast. She is also a freelance writer. Whether hearing her speak or reading her words, people are immediately engaged by Madeline’s personality, perspective, and humor.



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